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Complex Case Management

Extra support for complicated health challenges 

For many patients, navigating the health care system can be confusing — especially when they have a serious illness, injury, or many health-related needs. Wouldn’t it be nice if they had extra support outside of the care setting? An advocate who can collaborate with caregivers, practitioners, and community supports?

How Quartz’s Complex Case Management Works

Eligible Quartz members are matched up with a case manager who coordinates health care services to make sure the member is getting the best care possible. This person, typically a nurse or social worker, will work one-on-one with the member over the phone to help them:

  • Learn more about their condition and how to manage it successfully
  • Overcome barriers to care
  • Coordinate behavioral health care, as well as other services and specialties
  • Make the most of their health care coverage
  • Develop an individualized case management plan and goals

If you have patients who would benefit from Complex Case Management, please refer them to our case managers at (888) 450-4711.

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