Behavioral Health Care Management

Resources for Your Patients

We understand navigating the healthcare system can be challenging, and we have developed a program for those who need additional support to get the care and resources they need. Our new Behavioral Health Case Management provides one-on-one assistance to members with the coordination of care services and resources. Together we can develop a plan to help members take a step in the right direction.

How we support members

A licensed mental health counselor will work with the member over the phone by:

  • Coordinating care between multiple healthcare and community providers
  • Identifying personal goals and strategies to meet the goals
  • Finding community support groups or programs
  • Working with families of children with mental health and substance use
  • Regularly connecting with you via phone for six months
How to Reach Us:

Please call our Behavioral Health phone number at (800) 683-2300 and ask to speak with a member of the behavioral health case management team or use the Refer a Patient form.

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