Getting Care

We’re here to make getting care easier

Knowing how to get care when or before you need it is the first step to a life well-lived. Find the resources and tools to connect with local care on your Quartz network, from urgent issues to annual visits and screenings.

What are you looking for?

If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please call 911 immediately.
Call the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline at 988 if you need emergency emotional assistance.
Otherwise, the options below are your best ways to get the care you need. 

Emergency care
For serious and/or life-threatening situations like chest pain or heart attack, major illness, or traumatic injury, call 911 or go to the nearest hospital emergency department immediately.

Urgent care
For health issues or injuries that need immediate or after-hours attention but are not serious enough for emergency care. If possible, call your primary care provider or clinic to check if an urgent care visit is needed. Use our Find a Doctor tool to locate the nearest urgent care location.

Virtual health visit
For urgent, non-emergency symptoms and concerns. Virtual visits are on-demand appointments with a health care provider via your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Visit the Quartz Digital Tools page to see your options and set up your virtual care account.

Doctor crouching to engage with a young boy on his parent's lap at a clinic.

Learn how to schedule preventive care or find a provider with Quartz. Be proactive with your care by staying on track with annual exams and screenings and making an appointment with a provider if you have concerns about your health.

Find a primary care provider or specialist
A primary care provider (PCP) or clinic manages your overall health. Your PCP can complete annual checkups, treat you when you’re sick, and refer you to a specialist if needed. Quartz members can see a specialist without a referral from their PCP. Use the Find a Doctor tool to view in-network providers near you.

Schedule telehealth appointments
Your provider may offer video or phone appointments for routine visits, surgery follow-ups, mental health services, and screenings. Call your provider’s office to schedule a telehealth visit (if available) for the convenience of care from anywhere.

Schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or clinic
For in-clinic services for non-urgent injuries and illnesses. Call your medical provider to make an appointment. If you don’t have a primary care provider or need contact information for your provider, use our Find a Doctor tool.

Get support for your whole health
Quartz provides you with programs that help you support your health beyond the doctor’s office, like diabetes reversal and weight loss management, mental well-being with AbleTo, and more. See all Quartz Health & Wellness programs and get started.

Be proactive for your health
Review your annual health and wellness guidelines for recommended care and screenings at every age and stage. Plus, explore your benefits with digital tools that make it easier to access care, like Quartz MyChart, Find a Pharmacy, and more.

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