Giving Back

Community Involvement

Quartz considers the health and welfare of the communities we serve and those who live there to be essential to our success.

Strong communities are built upon the shoulders of caring, thoughtful, and action-oriented volunteers as well as mentors and companies willing to support those efforts.

Community Sponsorship Request Form

To apply for a Quartz sponsorship, please complete the Community Sponsorship Request form.


We understand that communities become and remain healthy places to live and raise families, in part, through the dedicated time and effort of volunteers. Quartz has a generous policy that pays employees for volunteer activities that occur during regular work hours. Our employees improve the lives of others through volunteerism at a range of organizations throughout the state.

Community Sponsorships and Outreach

  • Quartz is also active in communities through sponsorships that support nonprofit organizations and other worthy causes.
  • We offer college-aged individuals paid internship opportunities, which complement their education by offering hands-on experience in numerous business functions in a professional work environment.
  • We have partnered with several area organizations to support high school students considering careers in business.

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