Quartz Align Self-Funded Formulary

Quartz Align Self-Funded Standard Choice ASO Formulary

The formulary is the list of medications covered by Quartz through the prescription drug benefit. This formulary lists drugs that are usually covered for self-funded health plans. Certain drugs on the formulary may not be covered by your specific plan. Your drug coverage may be different based on decisions made by your employer as well as the regulations of the state where your employer is based.​

This means that even though a drug is listed on this formulary, it may not be covered by your specific benefit plan.

Your plan may also cover drugs that are not listed on this formulary.

Please see your Summary Plan Description or contact Quartz Align Customer Success team at (866) 624-6261 to verify your coverage.

  • Please note, drug coverage on the formularies can change. 
  • Check the formulary regularly to verify the coverage of a medication.

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