Digital Tools

Quartz has tools to keep you healthy

Simplify your health and wellness journey with digital tools brought to you by Quartz. Specialty apps are included with Quartz plans at no additional cost for eligible members. Message and data rates may apply. Copay or coinsurance may apply for telehealth visits. Please review your plan documents to verify coverage. 

Quartz Tools

Wellness Tools

Get active, stay active, and stay in touch with how active you are. Connect to Quartz Well while on the go. After you download and open the app, search for “Quartz” to set up your account.

Quartz Well is not available to Quartz Medicare Advantage (HMO), Medicare Dual Eligible, Medicare Supplement, Medicare Select, Medicaid SSI, Quartz BadgerCare Plus, and State of Wisconsin Group Health Insurance Program members.

Mental Well-Being Tools

No one should feel alone when experiencing the weight of anxiety and stress impacting their life. Quartz mental well-being programs with AbleTo make it easy for members to find the mental health support they deserve on their time. Eligible members get 24/7 access to digital self-care tools, plus the option to schedule one-on-one coaching or therapy within five business days.

Virtual Visits

No appointment is needed. Connect when it’s convenient 24/7 – any day, any time access. The provider may give a diagnosis, suggest follow-up care, and prescribe medication.

Pharmacy Tools

Find information about your drug plan, find pharmacies near you and learn more about your prescriptions.
Quartz does not provide pharmacy benefits for:

  • State and local government members
  • Please visit Navitus for information about your prescription drug benefits.
  • BadgerCare Plus members
  • Please call the Department of Health and Family Services at (800) 362-3002 for information about your prescription drug benefits.
  • Certain self-funded plans
  • Login to MyChart to view your plan benefits.
  • Medicare Advantage members who did not select a plan with Part D (prescription drug) coverage
  • Medicare Select members
  • Medicare Supplement members

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