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No matter what you need from your plan, Quartz makes it easy to find the right coverage for you and your family. Explore our plan options, compare benefits and costs, and find out what makes Quartz different.

By enrolling in a Quartz Marketplace plan you can determine if you and your family qualify for cost savings:

  • Advanced Premium Tax Credits (APTCs) lower your monthly premium amount
  • Cost Share Reduction (CSR) lowers the amount of your out-of-pocket costs such as deductibles, coinsurance, and copays

If you don’t qualify for cost savings, we have plans you can enroll directly with Quartz.

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Special Enrollment: If you’ve had a qualifying event — like getting married, having a baby, or losing health coverage — that can make you eligible for a Special Enrollment Period, allowing you to enroll in health insurance outside the yearly Open Enrollment Period.

Get it all. The plan, the network, and the benefits.

Quartz plans fit your budget and give you the extras you want– like nationally recognized providers, supportive local customer service, plus dental and vision. Quartz is partnered with the health systems of UW Health, UnityPoint Health, Gundersen Health System, and Advocate Aurora Health for more access to conveniently located care that puts you first.

Benefit highlights for 2024*

*Benefits vary based on plan and location – review plan benefit details for exact benefits included

Durable Medical Equipment – Eligible members only pay coinsurance on durable medical equipment, making these needed items more affordable than ever (available with non-HSA plans).

Lab and X-ray services – Affordable care helps you maintain your health with fixed copays for labs and X-ray services.

Dental and vision – Option to add Momentum dental (two exams annually and more) and adult vision benefits (including glasses and contacts) on some plan variants.

Virtual First – Offers a $0 copay for telehealth or virtual primary care, behavioral health, and urgent care (available with non-HSA plans).

$0 medications – No cost to members on the Safe Harbor list of select medications and supplies.

Value Tier Rx Outcomes – This benefit gives you access to lower-cost medications to help improve your health while saving you money. Value-tier medication copays are reduced to as low as $0.  Quartz Formulary information

Choice90 – Keep your prescriptions filled with fewer visits through this 90-day supply program for eligible maintenance medications.

Discover the value of a Quartz plan

Well-living programs

We all have aspects of our health we’d like to improve, and Quartz is your resource to help. From physical health and mental resiliency to social well-being, we’ll connect you to the right program to support you in living well. Quartz offers programs for managing behavioral health, diabetes, obesity, pregnancy and postpartum, hypertension, and more.

$0 virtual care

Get the care you need, when you need it. Virtual First offers a $0 copay for telehealth or virtual primary care, behavioral health, and urgent care (available with non-HSA plans).*

*$0 Cost share applies only to telehealth or virtual visits for primary care, urgent care, and behavioral health. View the Summary of Benefits and Coverage to see when cost sharing for other telehealth or virtual visits may apply. Virtual First is not available on all plans.

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Preventive care and essential health benefits
All plans include essential health benefits and preventive care for a life well-lived. Essential health benefits include emergency services, hospitalization, pregnancy, maternity, newborn care, labs, mental health, prescription drugs, and pediatric services. 
Support at every step
Enrolling in a Quartz health plan gives you access to a team of plan experts ready to help you make the most of your benefits. Connect with the Quartz Customer Success team anytime you have a question or concern.
Quartz Customer Success can also help you:
  • Walk you through your plan so you fully understand your coverage
  • Help you find a doctor and lead you to helpful tools and resources
  • Answer your questions on claims, billing, and benefits
  • Arrange for referrals and assist with scheduling when needed
  • Connect you with health management and wellness programs
  • Enroll you in Quartz MyChart and touch base with key reminders and updates
  • Advocate and communicate on your behalf when necessary
  • Provide support and resources after a diagnosis
  • Assist with transition of care and coordination
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Premium savings thanks to the American Rescue Plan Act

The Inflation Reduction Act extends the enhanced tax credits that were originally created through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) to lower health insurance costs for individual consumers by:

  • Increasing tax credits for individuals and families who purchase their own health insurance through the Marketplace
  • Expanding tax credit eligibility for households who previously may not have been eligible

You can use the tax credits to reduce how much you pay toward your monthly premiums.

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