Health Plans 101: Understanding Population Health

Population health is based on three main ideas:

1. Use data to help health care providers do a better job of taking care of patients.

2. Work with health care providers, patients, and communities to help transform how people are cared for. The only way to make a real difference is to work together.

3. Make sure that health care meets the needs of different groups of people at different times in their lives.

We offer health management programs, online screenings, and other tools to help members focus on their health. We look at the bigger picture, too. We want to improve the health of our community. Our initiatives to enhance health across our community are called “Population Health.” One of the most important parts of population health is prevention.

People may not be able to take care of themselves for several reasons. They may not have access to health care. Perhaps they don’t know exactly what they need to do, or they’re too busy to really pay attention to their health.

Quartz works with health care providers to support local programs, such as initiatives to help people conveniently get flu shots. We offer resources that help support healthy pregnancies and promote vaccinations in young children. As the health care providers in our networks develop new programs, Quartz will work alongside them to provide feedback and other support.

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