90-Day Supply

Our pharmacy program offers a convenient 90-day supply of your most frequently used medications.

90-Day Supply

You can receive a 90-day supply of the medicines you take most often – saving you time at the pharmacy. You pay three copays for prescriptions that last 61-90 days. Some medications may even be less expensive than your copay – and we pass that savings on to you!

Days supplyNumber of copays

Your medicine may be included if:

  • The cost is within the 90-day limits
  • All other benefit requirements have been met, including prior authorization, step therapy, generic substitution, quantity limits, or other restrictions*
  • Medication is filled at a pharmacy listed in our Find a Pharmacy tool
  • You are NOT a member covered under the State of Wisconsin Health Insurance Program, those with Navitus for their drug benefit, or members with BadgerCare Plus

If you prefer your medication mailed or delivered, ask your pharmacy if they offer this option. Many pharmacies offer this service at no additional charge, so make sure to shop around. This is NOT a requirement to receive a 90-day supply.

Review your benefits information in Quartz MyChart to learn more about the pharmacy benefits available under your plan.

*Medications in the Quartz Specialty Pharmaceuticals Program are not eligible for a 90-day supply. They are listed with the letters “SP-QTZ” or “SP-ORX” in the drug-formulary.

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