Complex Case Management for BadgerCare Plus Members

Quartz’s BadgerCare Plus Complex Case Management program gives extra support to members with multiple or complicated medical problems and significant psychosocial problems. Our registered nurses and social workers:

  • Focus on members who have experienced a critical event or diagnosis that requires extensive use of resources.
  • Help members access care and resources.
  • Address barriers that get in the way of positive health outcomes.
  • Support provider care plans and coordinate care.
  • Develop and implement case management plans with performance goals, monitoring, and follow-up.

The overall goal of Complex Case Management is to help members improve their ability to navigate the healthcare system and improve their self-care management. This program is free, does not affect the member’s health insurance coverage, and is done over the phone.

If you have a Quartz BadgerCare Plus patient who could qualify for Quartz BadgerCare Plus Complex Case Management services, please call Medical Management at (866) 884-4601.

A young healthcare professional talking on the phone while holding a chart

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