Stand Up to Back Pain with Quartz MobileBackSM

The good news — you don’t have to take your back pain sitting down. Time and time again, studies have shown the most effective way to reduce your pain and improve function is to get up and get moving. Quartz MobileBack helps you do just that.

Quartz MobileBack Works

Quartz MobileBack is a new app-based program designed by Kiio to help you find relief from back pain. It works on an Apple or Android phone or tablet, so you can use it anywhere, anytime, with no additional equipment.

The program includes easy-to-follow exercises, treatment and prevention education, and in-app coaching. There’s no cost for Quartz members. The best part? MobileBack gets results. In our pilot test, 8 out of 10 members felt better using the program and 85% would recommend the program to a friend.

A man holding his lower back

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