Reset. Recharge. Renew.

Let’s Get Back on Track to Wellness

The pandemic has derailed all our lives in some way it seems. For most of us, we’re feeling delayed at the station when it comes to our wellness journey. But after more than a year with less exercise and more stress, and perhaps a bit of indulgence in unhealthy habits, it’s time to reset, recharge, and renew our commitment to health and wellness.

Reset with a ‘check in’ on your mental health

It’s natural to feel anxious and stressed during difficult times. Reset by making a mindful effort to really think about your emotional wellbeing. How are you? Have you lost interest in activities you once loved? Are you withdrawing from others? Engaging in unhealthy behaviors? You may want to reach out to a professional, especially if you’ve had these symptoms for more than two weeks.

Quartz Behavioral Health can connect you with the support you may need, including alcohol and drug treatment services. Call (800) 683-2300.

Recharge your energy level

Are you feeling drained of energy? Can’t seem to get that spark back? Recharge by doing something you enjoy. Take frequent breaks from depressing news and people that bring you down. Turn off the TV and relax. Mediate. Breathe. Focus on taking care of yourself and getting restful sleep.

Renew your dedication to physical activity

Were you dedicated to an exercise routine or daily walk and let it slide a bit this past year? You are not alone. Go easy on yourself. Take time to mentally

renew your dedication to increasing your physical activity. Then, start slowly and enjoy the experience of getting moving again.

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