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Why Do You Need Health Insurance?

Four reasons to have health insurance – even if you are healthy.

You’re healthy, you have no pre-existing conditions, you think your risk factors for disease are low and you rarely go to see a doctor. Why would you need health insurance? While it may seem unnecessary today, there are many reasons to consider adding health insurance to support your healthy lifestyle in the future. A few reasons a healthy person should consider health insurance include –

  1. Coverage for unexpected illnesses
  2. Access to preventive care
  3. Lower prescription drug costs
  4. Support for living the healthiest life possible

Health insurance is not just for certain people, it’s for everyone. Anyone can benefit from health insurance with –

  1. Coverage for unexpected illnesses

Striving for a healthy lifestyle is a wonderful goal, but sometimes life likes to throw you a curveball. If you have an accident or suddenly become sick, the financial impact of going without health insurance could be catastrophic. Appendicitis, for example, is a life-threatening medical emergency that happens to 1 in 20 seemingly healthy people at any age. If you’re hospitalized while uninsured, you could acquire tens of thousands in medical bills . An individual or family health insurance plan can help protect you from making a dent like this in your financial future.

  1. Access to preventive care

You know the saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” holds true for routine preventive care, such as physical exams, gynecological exams and certain immunizations. Having health insurance helps keep the cost down for many preventive care screenings, such as blood pressure, cholesterol and well-woman exams. Without health coverage, you may have to pre-pay for these services or choose to skip them altogether – increasing your risk for more troublesome health issues down the road. Access to preventive services like these can help you focus on staying healthy, not getting healthy.
Check out the extensive list of preventive care services covered by health insurance.

  1. Lower prescription drug costs

Prescription drugs can be used to help people recover from an unexpected illness or even manage a health condition. Having health insurance helps you avoid paying full price or can help cover the costs entirely of your prescriptions so they don’t become a drain on your finances.
Check out information about our pharmacy benefits and covered drugs.

  1. Support for living the healthiest life possible

While a healthy lifestyle may lower your risk for illness, having health insurance ensures you have affordable access to the care you need should the unexpected happen. Imagine having insurance with a health plan that is as committed to good health as you are. A health plan with innovative approaches to its wellness programs and services can help you and your family stay healthy so you can simply focus on living the healthiest life possible.

Let our team of experts help you find the right health coverage to fit your needs and budget. Browse our health insurance plans today or contact our experienced representatives for help making the best decision for your situation.

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