Pregnancy & Childbirth

A healthy pregnancy and childbirth are a great start to a new life for both mother and child. From planning a baby to caring for a newborn and the new mom, Quartz has programs to help.
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Pregnancy Planning

If you are planning to get pregnant, be sure to –

  • Get a checkup – before you get pregnant, see your doctor or nurse to make sure you are healthy
  • Take Vitamin B – (folic acid) helps prevent birth defects. Begin taking a multivitamin with 400 micrograms of folic acid every day
  • Be tobacco free – we have resources to help you be free of tobacco
  • Be alcohol free – choose from many classes and programs to help you stop using alcohol

After Baby

  • Make an appointment with your doctor or nurse after your baby is born. It is important to discuss concerns or questions about your health, breastfeeding, family planning and birth control needs.
  • Learn about Postpartum Depression. This is a serious problem and can affect some new mothers. Find out how you can get help.

Maternal and Child Health Hotline – This hotline helps women find services and help. You can call the hotline before, during, and after pregnancy. It also provides support for children including children with special health care needs.

During Pregnancy
  • Text4Baby – Women who are pregnant or have a newborn can sign up for text4baby. You’ll get free weekly text messages to help you with your pregnancy and your baby's first year.

In addition, Text4Baby also offers a free mobile app. It has information on:

  • Developmental milestones
  • Interactive polls
  • Doctor appointment reminders
  • Hotlines
  • Resources, including postpartum support, poison control and more.
  • Sign Up for TEXBABY Now  

Contact Quartz Customer Service for specific coverage information at (800) 362-3310.  

For more pregnancy resources, visit your Personal Wellness Portal.

Postpartum Depression

Postpartum depression is a treatable condition. 

In postpartum depression, you may –

  • Cry often
  • Feel panicky
  • Be tired all the time
  • Not be able to care for yourself or do things
  • Not be able to sleep
  • Have changes in eating
  • Be very worried about your baby or yourself
  • Be afraid to be alone with your baby
  • Think about harming yourself or your baby

Postpartum Depression Resources 

How To Get Help

If you think you are depressed, many places can help –


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