Back Pain

Back pain can happen anywhere below the ribs and above the legs. It’s easy to hurt your back when you lift, reach, or twist. In fact, almost everyone has low back pain at some point in their life.
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Men and women are equally affected by low back pain. The pain can be as minor as a dull ache or as severe as a sudden sharp pain that leaves you unable to do everyday tasks. Low back pain can begin suddenly because of an accident, lifting something heavy or it may develop as a person gets older due to age-related changes in the spine.

To avoid low back pain and keep your back healthy, keep these things in mind –

  • Keep good posture when you sit, stand or walk
  • Get regular, low impact exercise like walking, swimming, or biking
  • Wear flat shoes with good support
  • Sleep on your side rather than your stomach or back
  • Don’t try to lift things that are too heavy

Want to learn more? Most people will experience back pain during their lifetime. Learn more about your back.