Set Up Recurring Payments With Automated Clearing House (ACH)

To set up ACH payments, just login to MyChart and open the “Pay Bill” link. You’ll see the payment portal. Follow these steps –

  1. Enter an account nickname and an email address.
  2. Select ADD AUTOMATIC PAYMENT. Fill in when you want the payment deducted from your account. Then, select “New Bank Account” or a previously saved bank account number.
    Note: To avoid receiving a late payment notice each month, you may want to schedule your payment five to ten days before your payment is due.
  3. If you’re adding your account information for the first time, you’ll need to fill in your account information as directed. This will include the account and routing number and your address. When you’re finished, you’ll see a confirmation page.

You can also make your Premium Invoice payments through any bank or bill payer service you choose. You will need to set this up with your bank or bill pay service.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I cancel automatic payments?

You will need to return to the Payment Portal within MyChart. Just login to MyChart and select “Pay Bill” under Premium Invoices. This will take you to the Payment Portal, which allows you to change your automatic payment settings. If you terminate your policy, be sure to turn off your automatic payments.

Two automatic Quartz Premium payments are being deducted from my account. How do I stop this?

Quartz monitors automatic payment signups to prevent duplication. However, if this does happen, check to see if you have automatic payments set up outside of the Quartz Payment Portal. If this is happening, contact Customer Service at (800) 362-3310.