Covered Hearing Aids

Hearing Aid Coverage

Hearing aid coverage is outlined in your Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) or Certificate of Coverage document; you may also call customer success for hearing aid coverage information.

Covered Hearing Aids

For plans that cover hearing aids, Quartz covers the standard level of hearing aid technology as defined by each of the following approved manufactures listed below. Costs of treatment related to hearing aids such as earmolds and fittings are only covered when the hearing aid model is covered.

Please note: this coverage does not apply to members with State and Local Government (ETF), Quartz Medicare Advantage, and BadgerCare Plus plans.

Hearing Aid Models Covered:
Hearing Aid Manufacturer   Hearing Aid StyleStandard Technology Level
PhonakBTE, RIC, ITE, ITC, and CROS30 and 50
WidexBTE, RIC, ITE, ITC, and CROS 110 and 220
GN ReSoundBTE, RIC, ITE, ITC, and CROS 5
SigniaBTE, RIC, ITE, ITC, and CROS 3
UnitronBTE, RIC, ITE, ITC, and CROS 500 and 600
OticonBTE, RIC, ITE, ITC, and CROS (Adult)3
OticonBTE, RIC, ITE, ITC, and CROS-Play (Pediatric)2
StarkeyBTE, RIC, ITE, ITC, and CROS 1000 and 1200
Approved hearing aids are limited to the following styles:
  • BTE (behind the ear)
    • V5257
    • V5261
  • RIC (receiver in the ear)
    • V5257
    • V5261
  • ITE (in the ear)
    • V5256
    • V5260
  • ITC (in the canal)
    • V5255
    • V5259
  • CROS
    • Monaural (1CROS device)
    • V5171-HA, CROS, monaural, ITE
    • V5172-HA, CROS, monaural, ITC
    • V5181-HA, CROS, monaural, BTE
    • Binaural (1 CROS device + 1 Hearing Aid)
    • V5211-HA, CROS, binaural ITE/ITE
    • V5212-HA, CROS, binaural, ITE/ITC
    • V5213-HA, CROS, binaural, ITE/BTE
    • V5214-HA, CROS, binaural ITC/ITC
    • V5215-HA, CROS, binaural ITC/BTE
    • V5221-HA, CROS, binaural BTE/BTE

*The approved hearing aid list will be reviewed at least annually.

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