Series of tips for how to conserve energy and refuel

How to Conserve Energy and Refuel When You’re Emotionally Exhausted

Does the pandemic have you emotionally exhausted? 

A 3-step approach to conserve energy and refuel

1. Identify and reduce the drain on your emotions

Most of us are physically and emotionally tired. Drained. Low on energy. Struggling to get back to normal levels. You can begin to refuel and recharge.

  • Identify key things that drain your energy and limit your exposure.
  • Avoid spending too much time on social media or watching the news.
  • Focus your efforts on what you can control.

2. Find ways to conserve your energy

Recognize and acknowledge your feelings and “rethink” stressful experiences. Remembering that many people are experiencing emotional exhaustion will help things feel less personal.

  • Find a way to stay connected to your strongest values.  
  • Value relationships? Display a photo of family or friends where you can see it regularly.
  • Love adventure? Find a souvenir of a past trip and put it near you as a reminder.

3. Replenish your fuel every day

If you’re emotionally exhausted, you may feel too tired to take part in activities that renew energy. But making the effort to recharge and reconnect keeps you from running out of energy.

  • Reach out and connect with friends online.
  • Go for walks or pursue hobbies like cooking or gardening.
  • Practice mindfulness, focusing on experiences from moment-to-moment
  • Spend 10 minutes thinking about what you’re grateful for.

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