Leaping Into Spring Even with Asthma

As plants start to bloom, many people with asthma begin to have allergy or asthma symptoms. It is good to take allergy and asthma medications before any symptoms start. This is because it is more difficult to treat symptoms after they have started. Sometimes people may have to go to see their doctor or nurse if they are unable to control their allergy and asthma symptoms. There are several ways to help decrease the likelihood of having an asthma flare-up.

  • Take allergy medication a few weeks before plants start blooming and the snow starts to melt
  • Take medications that have worked well in the past for your allergies or asthma
  • Meet with your doctor or nurse before spring comes to have an asthma action plan
  • Take your asthma controller as prescribed and adjust to a higher dose if recommended by your doctor or nurse
  • Have your rescue inhaler ready to use
  • Make sure that your inhalers have not expired
  • Prior to exercising outside, take your asthma and allergy medication as prescribed by your doctor or nurse


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