Newly Updated QTT Policy

Our June 2021 policy regarding behavioral health QTT (Qualified Treatment Trainee, also referred to as In-Training practitioners) can be found in our Provider Manual. It states that a QTT is only eligible to see BadgerCare Plus members and is payable for those services only.

However, effective September 1, 2021, a QTT may become a payable provider for commercial members after they have been licensed for a minimum of 12 months and are actively working towards completing their supervised training. Any new QTTs joining the Quartz network will become payable for BadgerCare Plus members immediately. And, after being licensed for 12 months, Quartz will automatically allow them to become payable for the commercial members. Quartz does not require notice once the QTT has been licensed for 12 months, as we will monitor this.

Quartz defines a QTT as a person with a graduate degree working on their supervised practice requirements for full clinical licensure. Wisconsin requires 1,000-3,000 of supervised training, depending on the type of license being sought, to be eligible for full licensure. Typically, a person is licensed as a QTT for 2-3 years while completing the needed supervised training. Quartz acknowledges the following types of practitioners as a QTT:

  • Professional Counselor Training License
  • Substance Abuse Counselor-In-Training
  • Marriage and Family Therapist Training License
  • Advanced Practice Social Worker

The QTTs will not be eligible for credentialing until they become fully licensed, nor are they eligible to be listed in Quartz’s Find a Doctor provider directory until they are fully licensed and credentialed.

Also, as of September 1, 2021, Quartz will process practitioners licensed as an APSW as a QTT following the processes listed above. The APSW will not be listed in the Quartz Find a Doctor provider directory, nor will they be subject to credentialing with Quartz while licensed as an APSW. Once the APSW obtains their LCSW license, they will be eligible for credentialing and listed in the Find A Doctor provider directory upon successful credentialing. If you have any QTT providers that meet these criteria and need to notify us, please submit a Practitioner Notification Form. We are currently updating our Provider Manual to reflect this new policy.

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