Year-End Flex Spend Tip Brought to You by MyChart

What is an HSA?

A Health Savings Account, or HSA, is designed to help you pay for medical expenses, tax-free.

How does an HSA work?

To use an HSA, you need to have a qualifying High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP). Each year, you can deposit a certain amount of money into your HSA. The money you put in is tax-deductible from your gross income and withdrawals are tax-free if used to pay for qualified medical expenses.

I have an HSA, now what?

If you have an HSA, HRA or FSA and need help wrapping up end of year claim filings, MyChart can help! Don’t have a MyChart account? It’s simple to sign up today!

Simply go to your MyChart account, hover over the Quartz umbrella at the top of the page, click on Claims (EOBs)/Statements and then click on Claims Profile.

From there, you can search for and report on any claims you want included in your report. It’s that easy!

And when you combine your claims reports with your receipts, you just made your year-end-close process a whole lot less painful.

Let MyChart help you wrap up your flex spend reporting this year, so you can get back to the important things, like shopping for the holidays. It’s never too early for shopping, you know.

But what even is MyChart?

Instead of just reading about how great MyChart is, watch our quick, fun and information-packed MyChart motion graphic video at In less than two minutes, see for yourself why MyChart is right for your busy life.

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