Sports Physicals: A Yearly Tradition for Some

A new school year brings the start of fall sports season. Is your favorite student-athlete ready for the challenge?

The first stop on the path to school-sports stardom is an annual sports physical. This exam helps determine whether it’s safe to participate in a certain sport. Most states require that kids and teens have sports physicals before they can start a new sport. However, even if a sports physical isn’t required, doctors still highly recommend getting one.

The two main parts of a sports physical are –

  1. Medical history: To complete the medical history, you and your child will be asked a series of questions about serious illnesses, allergies, past injuries and medications.
  2. Physical exam: During the physical exam, the practitioner will record height and weight, take your child’s blood pressure and pulse, test vision, check the heart, lungs and abdomen, evaluate posture, strength and flexibility, and check to make sure all immunizations are up to date.

The doctor will sign a form if everything checks out okay for you to give to your child’s school. In some cases, the doctor might recommend a follow-up exam before giving the green light on the upcoming season.

Good luck and go team!

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