Health Insurance Spotlight: Common Terms

In each newsletter, we’ll spotlight health insurance terms or phrases to help you better understand how your plan works. In this issue, we explain three common but sometimes confusing terms.

Copayment: The fixed amount you pay for
a covered health care service. Example: a
$20 copay means that when you go to the
doctor and receive a bill that shows a cost
of $130, you will only pay the fixed amount
of $20. Quartz will pay the rest.

Deductible: A predetermined amount of
money a member must pay before Quartz
makes a payment toward covered services.
Deductibles accumulate during your
benefit period (usually a year) and reset at
the end of the benefit period.

Coinsurance: The percentage of the
charge for covered services you pay after
you’ve met the deductible. Example: If an
office visit is $100, and your coinsurance
is 20%, you’d pay 20% of $100, or $20.
Quartz pays the rest. If you haven’t met
your deductible, you pay the full amount
of $100.

Learn the specifics of your plan in your
Summary of Benefits. You can also see
your health insurance in your secure
MyChart account. Log in or learn more at

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