A nurse performing a blood pressure test on a patient.

We can say all health disparities are a direct consequence of being an American descendant of slavery.” – Dr. Tito L. Izard 

Our Care Model here at Quartz includes 3 pillars that guide our programs and services: Physical Health, Social Wellbeing, and Mental Resilience. The foundation of Social Well-being is to understand and address our member’s social determinants of health. All non-medical factors of life that influence health outcomes are known as social determinants of health. Below is an alarming (non-exhaustive) list of social determinants that negatively impact the health outcomes of Black Wisconsinites:  

  • Compared to the national rate of 44%, only 25% of Black residents own their own home.  
  • Black residents of WI are 5 times more likely to live in a food desert than white residents.  
  • 1 of every 36 Black Wisconsinites are in prison (10.9 times the rate of white people).  
  • The median African American income level in Wisconsin is $29,200 (about half that of whites).  
Community Efforts to Improve Black Health Disparities in WI 

Below is a short list of organizations and efforts that exist to improve the social determinants of Black Wisconsinites. Please follow each link to learn more about their services and potential volunteer opportunities.  

Additional Resources 

In April of 2024, Dr. Jasmine Zapata delivered a talk at the DEI&B Fireside Chat titled: Addressing Racial Disparities in Infant Mortality. A key point she shared related to her own experience and fears as a black woman giving birth, “ When you’re making a decision to bring life into the world, especially as a black woman, you have to think about your own life.”

If you missed this event, we encourage you to view the recording here or by accessing the DEI&B Prism page to hear Dr. Zapata’s experiences as both a medical doctor and a black mother here in the state of Wisconsin.   

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