To help you access the information, simply visit the Members section on our website. This section provides basic information about how to use your health plan, member news blog posts, and resources available in MyChart.

Here are just a few of the topics covered:

  • How to Get Care – Learn more about the types of care available and how to get it.
  • How Insurance Works – Questions about your benefits, expenses and coverage? Learn more (by clicking this link you will be leaving the Quartz website).
  • Pharmacy Benefits – Learn more about your prescription drug benefits, including what drugs are covered and how to receive them, if applicable.
    (Members covered under the State of Wisconsin health insurance program should contact Navitus Health Solutions to learn more about their prescription drug benefits. BadgerCare Plus members should contact the State Medicaid program at 800-362-3002.)
  • MyChart Resources
    • Certificate of Coverage – Find detailed information about your health plan, such as covered and excluded benefits and services, restrictions on services outside of Quartz’s service area and how to submit a claim. (Members covered under the State of Wisconsin health insurance program are directed to their It’s Your Choice Decision Guide.)
    • Summary of Benefits and Coverage or Schedule of Benefits – Review your benefits to understand what copayments and other charges you may be responsible for when seeking care. (Members covered under the State of Wisconsin health insurance program are directed to their It’s Your Choice Deference Guide.)
  • Find a Doctor – Use the lookup feature to find participating primary care physicians, specialists, urgent care facilities, and hospitals.
  • Member Guide – Check out your plan’s Member Guide for helpful information about accessing care, including the following:
    • How to get primary, specialty and emergency care
    • How to get care after normal office hours and care outside of the service area
    • How to get language assistance

Your plan’s Member Guide will also provide instructions about how to voice a complaint, how to appeal a decision, and how to access the member blog posts, such as Evaluating the Use of New Technology. Is it Covered? And Utilization Management Criteria and Processes.

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