Tiered Choice Plus Network

Quartz will offer a new tiered plan option for the 2022 plan year to help make health care more affordable. The Tiered choice plus network will be available to:

  • Individuals who reside in the designated service area counties
  • Small and large fully insured groups domiciled in the service area

These plans provide a personal approach to health care by delivering service, choice, and affordability to consumers.

  • Service: Members who choose Tiered Choice Plus will have exclusive access to Quartz Champions, our concierge-style service and support team.
  • Choice: Tiered Choice Plus members can choose Tier 1 providers who provide services at lower costs while retaining access to the expansive network of providers they have today.
  • Affordability: A tiered plan is designed to help members save money on monthly premiums, as well as lower out-of-pocket costs such as deductibles, copays, and coinsurance.
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