Quartz Pharmacy Program

Covered Drugs – Standard Choice Formularies

The information below will help you to identify which formulary is applicable to you. However, the best way to access the correct formulary is through MyChart or by entering your member number or group number on the Formulary Lookup.

Standard Choice Formularies

For members whose pharmacy benefits are covered by a fixed copay on a three- or four-tier plan.

The formulary is the list of medications covered by Quartz through the prescription drug ben

Certain drugs on the formulary may not be covered by your specific plan. Some plans cover drugs not listed on the formulary. The differences are based on what type of plan you have and/or:

  • If you have employer-based or individual coverage through Quartz
  • What state you live in or your employer is based in
  • If your benefit plan meets the requirements of the Affordable Care Act

This means that even though a drug is listed on this formulary, it may not be covered by your specific benefit plan. Please see your Quartz Prescription Drug Benefit Rider or contact Quartz Customer Service at (800) 362-3310 to verify your coverage.

Standard Choice Formulary Updates

State and Local Government Members

Please visit Navitus for information about your prescription drug benefits.

BadgerCare Plus Members 

Please call the Department of Health Services at (800) 362-3002 for information about your prescription drug benefits.

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