The Quartz Diversity & Inclusion Journey

Diversity and Inclusion have become more integrated at Quartz. We are an organization of 700 employees that offers community-based health care and services to 340,000+ customers in southern and western Wisconsin, parts of Illinois, Iowa and Minnesota. With the many different communities Quartz serves, it’s important we look at a wide range of diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Making a Difference

In 2015, employees from many areas and departments volunteered to brainstorm ways to bring diversity and inclusion to the forefront of our company and formed the company’s first Quartz Diversity and Inclusion (D & I) Change Team. The D&I Change Team then developed four touchstone committees to focus on different areas, aligning Quartz’s strategic planning and engagement on diversity and inclusion.

  1. Supplier Diversity Touchstone Committee: Develop and implement a supplier diversity program that is integrated with the business.
  2. External Outreach Touchstone Committee: Develop partnerships, collaborations, sponsorships and trainings with members and community stakeholders.
  3. Internal Outreach Touchstone Committee: Develop an internal strategy to increase organization inclusion via targeted standards, programming and training.
  4. Recruitment and Retention Touchstone Committee: Increase the representation of diverse populations within our organization through recruitment efforts.

Our Diversity & Inclusion (D & I) efforts have made significant progress during the last few years, and recently received considerable attention with the formation of a steering committee. The steering committee was charged with creating a three-year strategic plan for D & I actions to occur within Quartz, a company with an expanded geography and demography.

CEO Action

Recently, our President and CEO, Terry Bolz, signed the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion pledge. This group is the largest CEO-driven business commitment to advance D & I in the workplace. More than 650 CEOs have taken a pledge, agreeing to act in a way that cultivates work environments where diversity of experiences and perspectives are welcomed and where employees feel comfortable and encouraged to discuss diversity and inclusion.

“The Quartz Diversity & Inclusion Change Team members have already made significant impact on our perspective towards inclusion. Diversity is good for our economy, improves our performance, drives our growth and enhances our engagement. We perform better when our differences are respected, honored and celebrated.” Terry Bolz, President and Chief Executive Officer, Quartz Health Solutions, Inc.

Learning more about cultural differences helps us build an environment of trust, respect and inclusion at Quartz, making a positive impact on employees and members alike.

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