Coverage of Diabetic Supplies

Do you have questions about coverage commonly prescribed diabetic supplies? Read on to learn more.

Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGMs)

For Commercial and Quartz Medicare Advantage members:  Therapeutic CGMs (Freestyle Libre, FreeStyle Libre 2, and Dexcom G6) are covered at participating retail pharmacies with approved prior authorization.

Blood Glucose Test Strips

Quartz Commercial Members: The preferred test strips are listed on our formulary. Currently, the preferred options when filled with a prescription at a pharmacy are from the brands Contour, FreeStyle, Optium, and Precision.

Any other test strips not on the formulary and available over the counter (no prescription needed) are not covered. 

The formulary is always subject to change. We recommend you check it regularly to be sure it hasn’t been updated. Here’s a tip for easy searching the commercial formularies:

  • From the Standard Choice or Standard formulary, select the “Online Searchable Formulary.”
  • Enter “test strips” in the drug name search field.

Quartz Medicare Advantage (QMA) members: Preferred test strips are listed on the QMA formulary. When filled with a prescription at a pharmacy, the current preferred options are the FreeStyle family and Precision Xtra.

Unless an exception request is approved, test strips are limited to 200 strips per 30 days, and other test strips and meters are not covered.

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