Medical Benefit Drug Restriction Information

About medical benefit drug restrictions

Restricted medical benefit drugs are medications administered through the medical benefit and require an approved authorization prior to being given in a clinic, hospital, or infusion center location. 

Some state and federal laws require Quartz to cover specific drugs for some benefits that are excluded for others. Certain drugs with medical benefit restrictions may not be covered by the specific medical benefit plan. 

For a detailed explanation of the medical benefit, refer to the Quartz Certificate of Coverage or your Summary Plan Description. You can also contact Quartz Customer Success at (800) 362-3310 to verify your coverage.

Medical drug benefit classifications

To understand your medical benefit drug restrictions, it’s important to understand three key medical drug classifications you may encounter.

Prior authorization/step therapy: These products have specific criteria for use and an approved authorization/step exception is required for coverage. A medication coverage request form will need to be completed and submitted for review.

Exclusions:  These products are not covered by the Quartz medical benefit plan. Examples include hair loss drugs, sexual enhancement drugs, infertility drugs, most over-the-counter drugs, cosmetic treatments, and nutritional supplements or medical foods. Please refer to the Certificate of Coverage or Summary Plan Description to view specific exclusions.

Medical necessity: These products are not initially covered under the Quartz medical benefit, but if your health care provider deems the product medically necessary for your care, an exception request can be submitted for review. If approved, the product classification can change to a “medical necessity,” making possible coverage options available. Common medical necessity examples include:

  • Biosimilar Substitution Policy:  This policy requires the use of biosimilars when available in most cases. Reference [brand name] biologics with available biosimilars are not covered.  
  • Injectable Self-Administered Drugs (SAD): Medications that are typically self-administered are not covered by the medical benefit. Medications listed as “USE RX BENEFIT” are blocked from coverage on the Medical Benefit. Refer to the formulary to determine coverage status.
  • Not covered, medical benefit: These products are considered Not Covered under the Quartz medical benefit.
  • Vaccines: Gardasil (HPV) and Shingrix (Zoster) are programmed for age recommendations based on the Disease Control and Prevention Advisory Committee of Immunization Practices (ACIP). Use outside of programmed age limits requires medical necessity.

Other important information

Some medications require the use of Vendor Solutions. For the list of medications and more details about Vendor Solutions, go here.

CART-Therapy medications are reviewed by medical management and fall under medical policies. Refer here for details.

HCPCS CodeBrand NameGeneric NameReason
J9035Avastin BevacizumabBiosimilars (Mvasi, Zirabev) covered without PA; Avastin ONLY covered for Ophthalmology procedures
J1745Remicade infliximabBiosimilars (Infectra, Renflexis, Avsola, Ixifi, Infliximab) covered with PA
J1442NeupogenFilgrastimBiosimilars (Nivestym, Zarxio, Releuko) covered in clinics without restrictions. Granix (tbo-filgrastim) also covered without restrictions
PegfilgrastimBiosimilars (Truxima, Riabni, Ruxience) covered without PA
J9312RituxanRituximabBiosimilars (Kadcycla, Enhertu, Kanjinti, Ogiviri, Ontruzant, Herzuma, Trazimera) covered without PA
J9355HerceptinTrastuzumabBiosimilars (Kadcycla, Enhertu, Kanjinti, Ogiviri, Ontruzant, Herzuma, Trazimera) covered without PA
Epoetin alfaBiosimilar (Retacrit) covered in clinics without restrictions

Common products requested as a medical necessity- Others

HCPCS CodeBrand NameGeneric NameReason
J0192AduhelmAducanumab-avqaNot Covered
J1426Amondys 45CasimersenNot Covered
J1428Exondys 51EteplirsenNot Covered
J1602Simponi AriaGolimumab infusionNot Covered
J1429Vyvondys 53GolodirsenNot Covered
MISCSkytrofaLonapegsomatropin-tcgdNot Covered
J7294AnnoveraSegesterone/ethinyl estradiolCovered under RX benefit only
J3285RemodulinTreprostinilBrand not covered; use Generic
J1427ViltepsoViltolarsenNot Covered
MISCVoxzogoVosoritideNot Covered

Frequently requested medical benefit medications covered without restrictions

HCPCS CodeBrand NameGeneric Name
J7318DurolaneHyaluronic acid derivatives, intraarticular injection
J7320GenviscHyaluronic acid derivatives, intraarticular injection
J7321Hyalgan, Supartz, Visco-3Hyaluronic acid derivatives, intraarticular injection
J7322HymovisHyaluronic acid derivatives, intraarticular injection
J7323EuflexxaHyaluronic acid derivatives, intraarticular injection
J7324Ortho-ViscHyaluronic acid derivatives, intraarticular injection
J7325Synvisc, Synvisc-1Hyaluronic acid derivatives, intraarticular injection
J7326Gel-OneHyaluronic acid derivatives, intraarticular injection
J7327MonoviscHyaluronic acid derivatives, intraarticular injection
J7328Gelsyn-3Hyaluronic acid derivatives, intraarticular injection

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