Spring is a Beautiful Time of Year- It Can Be a Stressful Time Too.

Certain spring events can increase your stress. Here’s some helpful tips to decrease your stress during the change in weather.

The sun is getting brighter, days longer and birds are singing again. But certain spring events, including tax time, graduations, weddings and even the change in the weather, can increase your stress. And too much stress for too long can lead to anxiety and depression.



What can you do to manage your stress?

Taking steps to manage your stress can help reduce or prevent the overall impact it has on your mental health.

Some of the things you can do-

-Recognize the signs. Listen to your body. Signs of too much stress include problems sleeping, alcohol or substance use, irritability and low energy.

-Exercise. Just 30 minutes a day can help reduce stress and boost your mood.

-Quiet your mind. Try to add mindfulness activities into your day.

-Surround yourself with good people. Your family, friends and others can be a great source of support. Stay connected and don’t be afraid to ask for your help.

-Set realistic goals. Decide what you must get done and what can wait. Focus on what you finish, not what you don’t.

-Talk to your doctor. Don’t try to take it all on by yourself. There’s help available. Your doctor can put you in touch with the right resources. 

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