Employer and Agent NPS Scores Exceed Expectations

We recently completed a Net Promoter Score (NPS)survey of our broker partners and employer group customers for this year’s second (and final) time.

NPS is measured by asking customers to rate us on a scale from 0-10: “How likely are you to recommend Quartz to a friend or coworker?” We’re pleased to say we’ve exceeded our satisfaction goal for 2021.

Thanks to those who participated. It’s important for us to measure how we’re doing and to improve continuously.

Below is some feedback we received:

“Quartz has been amazing! I love the billing, I love how you get invoices out in a timely manner, and everyone at Quartz is courteous, kind and very helpful.”

“We have had Quartz for our employees for 5 years now. They are exquisite to work with compared to other groups I have worked with in the past. Their premiums are a great value for our employees for the plan structure that we offer through Quartz. Our employees don’t have any issues with claims being handled and online access to their accounts allows them extra benefits. Quartz is proactive with employees’ health issues and offer incentives for them to stay fit. Claims are paid quickly, and EOB’s are easy to understand.  Their Customer Service team is knowledgeable and friendly. I recommend them to others repeatedly.”

“Easy to work with (great sales associates) and priced competitively in the marketplace.”

“You have a great product, great network of physicians and clinics. The account reps are very helpful and knowable.  The team is very supportive!”

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