4 Tools to Engage in Physical and Emotional Wellness in 2021

Difficult times are no fun. Yet, when times get tough, people tend to get creative. They look for new innovations and easy solutions. They find different ways to adapt, adjust, and thrive.

Thousands of Quartz members now use our digital apps and interactive tools to engage in health and wellness activities. They want real-time support for physical and emotional wellness, and they want it from the comfort of their homes.

Are you seeking ways to better manage your health and wellness? Do you want a simple solution for keeping your family’s health on track? Take a look at what is available at no cost to eligible members* and sign up for what is right for you.

Here are 4 digital tools to simplify your wellness journey:

1. MobileBack gets you back to doing what you love

Are you sitting more than usual? Dealing with back pain? Did you know you can relieve and even prevent back pain in as little as 8 minutes a day? MobileBack, powered by Kiio, keeps you moving and motivated! You’ll love the personalize, guided exercises designed by physical therapists, helpful tips, and in-app coaching. Members who use MobileBack report as much as a 46% reduction in pain. Answer a few questions to see if you’re eligible.

2. MyStrength is your personalized path to emotional wellness

Feeling a little anxious these days? You are not alone. We all need a little emotional support, especially now. You’ll love having 24/7 access to content customized to your needs. Find help for reducing stress and anxiety, getting a good night’s sleep, relieving chronic pain, and more. Engage in self-care programs and mindfulness activities. There’s even support for teens. (Members age 13 and older.) Search your app store for myStrength and enter the code Quartz or sign up here.

3. Thrive by Quartz makes every day easier

Fun blends with function in this app that supports you through pregnancy and postpartum, to breastfeeding and caring for a growing family. Track baby’s kicks and your children’s developmental milestones. Find information to keep yourself and your family on a smooth road to wellness. Access checklists and stay up to date on vaccines and appointments. Search your app store for Thrive by Quartz or sign up here.

4. Quartz Well** Healthy Path takes our wellness program mobile

Get active, stay active, and keep in touch with how active you are. Quartz Well, our flagship wellness program, gives you points for prevention – and activities you love. Watch points add up and redeem your rewards for an Amazon gift card. Now our mobile app makes staying on your healthy path even easier. Take the Health Risk Assessment, review screening results, and view health and wellness information from your phone or tablet.

We also want to remind you that as a Quartz member, you have access to health coaching at no additional cost. A health coach will help you stay on track and inspired to reach your personal wellness goals. Learn more here

Learn more about all the digital and wellness apps. You’ll also find links with available Telehealth services. Visit

* Quartz apps and programming within the apps are available at no cost to participating members. Message and data rates may apply.
** The Quartz Well reward program is not available to all members. Please check your Member Packet, log in to MyChart to view your plan benefits, or call Customer Service at (800) 362-3310 to verify eligibility.
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