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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Quartz is committed to a diverse and inclusive workplace, where the unique insights, perspectives, and backgrounds of all employees are valued.
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DE&I Statement

We respect the differences and perspectives of our employees, customers, and our community. We desire to:

  • Create an inclusive workplace environment.
  • Team up with community collaborators to improve diversity awareness.
  • Educate, build, coach, and promote diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Be accountable and measure the impact, influence, and path of our efforts.

We encourage all our employees to keep this statement in mind:

We develop an inclusive culture, value all perspectives, educate others, show respect for all, serve our community, and evaluate our progress.

DE&I Initiatives

  • Committing to CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion

    Quartz is committed to CEO Action for Diversity and InclusionTM. We agree to cultivate environments where diverse experience and perspectives are welcomed and where employees feel comfortable and encouraged to discuss diversity and inclusion.

  • Growing employee resource groups (ERGs)

    Employer Resource Groups, also known as Engagement Resource Groups, and most commonly referred to as ERGs, are voluntary, employee-led groups that focus on the experiences and perspectives of people of a particular race, ethnic or cultural background, gender, gender identity, religion, age cohort, sexual orientation, history of disabilities, military services or other affinities. They foster a diverse, inclusive workplace aligned with the organizational mission, values, goals, business practices, and objectives.

    Quartz currently offers five ERGs:

    • African American/Black
    • LGBTQ+
    • Latinx
    • Military Service Member
    • Women United
  • Assessing the advancement of health equity
    We are committed to advancing health equity and administering the CLAS Standards Assessment toward that end as well as to improve quality and help eliminate health care disparities. CLAS is a tool used to provide a blueprint for individuals and health care organizations to implement culturally and linguistically appropriate services.
  • Implementing the Race, Language, Ethnicity, and Other Accessibility Project
    This is a multi-phased project to evaluate our current materials and services, obtaining more accurate data about our membership and the communities we serve to better meet their needs.
  • Partnering with the Latino Academy of Workforce Development
    Quartz is an employer partner with the academy developing bilingual customer service training for individuals seeking to re-skill and change career paths.
  • Presenting employee lunch and learns
    As an opportunity for colleagues to become more aware and educated about topics related to diversity, equity, and inclusion, we offer employee lunch and learns on various DE&I topics.
  • Continuing to evaluate the effectiveness of DE&I programs
    Administering an internal assessment to understand the most critical work that needs to be addressed within our organization.

DE&I Change Team

Quartz is committed to a diverse and inclusive workplace where all employees, members, and the community's unique insights, perspectives, backgrounds, and cultural differences are respected and valued. The Change Team's goals are to:

  • Establish an inclusive workplace environment.
  • Collaborate with community stakeholders to enhance diversity awareness within the company and the greater community. 
  • Define and gather metrics to show the impact of our actions.
Diego Campoverde-Cisneros,

Diego Campoverde-Cisneros, Manager

Olivia Rico-McKeen

Olivia Rico-McKeen, Senior Coordinator

Quartz is a proud employer partner of the United Way of Dane County's HIRE Initiative. Learn more about this initiative and its mission.


Quartz is an official Employer in Support of the Guard and the Reserve (ESGR).