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Quartz’s Digital Tools: 24/7 Support

One of the many puzzles we’ve all had to figure out during the global pandemic is how to best take care of ourselves when in-person care is limited.

Telehealth and other digital tools are available to help bridge the care gap and provide ongoing support for your health and well-being.

Visit to access: 

  • Mobile apps for emotional health, pregnancy and parenting, and low back support
  • Video visits from UW Health Care Anywhere, Gundersen VirtualVisit, and UnityPoint Health Virtual Care
  • Other online resources

Take Advantage of Telehealth

“Telehealth” is the general term to describe the way providers and health plans use technology to deliver care. It’s no surprise that the use of telehealth, especially video visits, has exploded in 2020.

We recommend that our members choose a video visit provider and set up their account ahead of time so it’s ready when they need it. 

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