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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can Medicare Supplement increase member premiums?

    Yes. Medicare Supplement policy premiums can increase each year on the renewal date of the plan, on the birthday of the member, or if the member moves into a new rating area. Otherwise, premiums can only be raised if they are also raised for all similar policies in the state. Medicare Supplement chooses not to increase premiums on birthdays.

  • Is Medicare Supplement Open Enrollment the same as Medicare?

    No. To learn more about Medicare Supplement enrollment periods, review the Eligibility and Enrollment section.

  • Can a member get all Medicare Part B expenses covered by selecting the Part B Deductible Rider and the Part B Copay/Coinsurance Rider?

    No. A member can only elect one Part B optional rider. This is mandated by the State of Wisconsin. However, note that the Part B Deductible Rider is only available for purchase by individuals who were eligible for Medicare before 1/1/2020.

  • How do I get an Outline of Coverage?

    Here’s the Outline of Coverage. A Medicare Supplement health insurance advisor/agent can explain the Outline of Coverage document. You can also contact an Account Executive at (800) 362-3310.

  • Does Medicare Supplement offer Part D prescription coverage?

    No. Medicare Supplement does not offer prescription coverage. A Part D prescription plan must be purchased separately.

  • What if I want to terminate or make a change to my Medicare Supplement plan?

    If you are a current Medicare Supplement member and want to make a change within the plan year, please contact your advisor/agent. They will work with you to complete the required forms.

    Requests to terminate coverage need to be submitted in writing. You can submit a letter or print and complete the Medicare Supplement Rider Termination Form. Please send your request by email, mail or fax to:

    Email: [email protected]


    Attn: Medicare Supplement
    840 Carolina Street
    Sauk City, WI 53583

    Fax Number: (608) 643-2564

    Customer Service Phone: (800) 362-3310

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