2022 New Benefits

Expect More from your Individual & Family Plan

Expect more from Quartz

Quartz serves a wide service area and offers a vast array of health plans so you can continue your relationship with us through the different seasons of your life – when you move, between jobs, early retirement, and after becoming Medicare eligible.

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Virtual First Puts Member First

Virtual First saves members time, adds amazing convenience, and saves members money on overall health care costs:

$0 cost-share for telehealth and virtual visits*
Convenient access to providers when and where members need it

*$0 Cost -Share applies only to telehealth or virtual visits for primary care, urgent care, and behavioral health. View the Summary of Benefits and Coverage to see when cost-sharing for other telehealth or virtual visits may apply. Virtual First is not available on all plans.

Premium Savings Thanks to the American Rescue Plan Act

Did you know you may be just a few quick steps away from saving money on your health insurance in 2022?
The American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), signed into law on March 11, 2021, lowers health insurance costs for individual consumers by:

  • Increasing tax credits for individuals and families who purchase their own health insurance through the Marketplace.
  • Expanding tax credit eligibility for households who previously may not have been eligible.

You can use the tax credits to reduce how much you pay toward your monthly premiums.

Next steps to claim your savings

During the annual open enrollment period, be sure to log in to your Marketplace account. Then, review and update your information and see your eligibility for 2022 tax credits.

Not a Marketplace member? Go to the Marketplace to view plan options and see if you qualify for savings.

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Tiered Choice Plus

Service + Choice + Affordability

Quartz is pleased to bring you Tiered Choice Plus, a network with plan options focused on the most personalized service, choice, and affordability. Check the list of counties below to see if it’s a plan option in your area.

Tiered Choice Plus Service Area

  • Adams
  • Buffalo
  • Columbia
  • Crawford
  • Dodge
  • Fond du Lac
  • Grant
  • Green
  • Green Lake
  • Iowa
  • Jackson
  • Jefferson
  • Juneau
  • Lafayette
  • Marquette
  • Monroe
  • Rock
  • Richland
  • Sauk
  • Trempealeau
  • Vernon
  • Walworth
  • Waushara
  • Waukesha

You’ll love the peace of mind knowing you have exclusive access to one-on-one service and support.

  • A dedicated team of experts to guide your every step with concierge-level service.
  • We’ll guide you through your plan, help you find a doctor, enroll you in MyChart, connect you to health management programs, and touch base with key reminders and updates.
  • Your personalized service level enables you to connect with this team when and in whatever way works for you, email, texts, plus phone and video chats with convenient scheduling options.

As a Tiered Choice Plus member, you have more choice on how much you spend for health care services. How is this possible? A network with two tiers (Tier 1 and Tier 2) enables you to identify and choose providers who provide services at lower costs. More choices. More chances to save on overall health care costs while continuing to provide access to the expansive network of providers you have today.


A tiered plan is designed to help you save money on monthly premiums, while also making health care more affordable. Members who see providers in Tier 1 will have lower out-of-pocket costs such as deductibles, copays, and coinsurance.

Quartz Champion: A personal guide to walk you through your plan

When you enroll in a Tiered Choice Plus plan, you get special access to a dedicated Quartz team member: a Quartz Champion. Connect with your Quartz Champion team anytime you have a question or concern.

As part of your special access to the Quartz Champion team, you can reach out anytime in whatever way works for you. Someone will personally:

  • Walk you through your plan so you fully understand your coverage
  • Help you find a doctor and lead you to helpful tools and resources
  • Answer your questions on claims, billing, and benefits
  • Arrange for referrals and assist with scheduling when needed
  • Connect you with health management and wellness programs
  • Enroll you in MyChart and touch base with key reminders and updates
  • Advocate and communicate on your behalf when necessary
  • Provide support and resources after a diagnosis
  • Assist with transition of care and coordination


Would you like help finding the best plan option for you and your family? Contact an agent or broker you’ve worked with in the past. Or, give us a call. We’re here to help. Quartz Customer Success: (800) 362-3310