Reminders from Our Provider Manual

Here are a few key areas for your attention. Note that recent changes are in bold.

Provider Office Changes (page 46)

Quartz requests timely notification of significant changes within your organization so that we can ensure accurate claims processing, notification to providers and members, and continuity of care processes. You can complete a change form. Please notify Quartz as soon as possible of any changes, such as:

  • New practitioner within your facility
  • New facility location
  • Terminated practitioner
  • Terminated location

If adding a new practitioner and credentialing may be required, Rural Wisconsin Health Cooperative (RWHC) will send an application. Practitioners are allowed 45 days to complete their credentialing application. If the application is not submitted within 45 days, the practitioner’s application will not be processed, and the practitioner must reapply to the network. This includes submitting a second New Practitioner Form notification.

Remittance Advice (pages 36-37)

The remittance advice (aka “remit” advice) is the information Quartz sends to you, the provider, to explain how submitted claims were processed. Are you struggling to decipher your remit advices? Our Provider Manual has a full break down of a remittance advice to hopefully make your job easier.

Still receiving paper remittance advices? You can request to receive them electronically. If interested, submit the Authorization Agreement for 835 form online, under the Provider/EDI section. Remittance advices can also be viewed in My Quartz Tools.

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