Real Time Benefit Check

Have you been frustrated when trying to prescribe a medication for one of your patients, not knowing how much it will cost them or if it’s on their formulary? You would gladly prescribe the preferred formulary inhaler, for example, if only you knew which one to choose. However, in most cases, you are left to pick one, and hope the pharmacy or patient doesn’t call you back asking you to switch to an alternative or complete a prior authorization request.

Quartz is now offering a solution that addresses these frustrations, called Real Time Benefit Check (RTBC). This programming is provided by our pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) to vendors (e.g., CoverMyMeds, CenterX, SureScripts) that interface with the electronic health record (EHR) of providers. This enables providers to know, in real time, the cost of medications, if the medication is on the formulary, and if it is restricted in some way (i.e., requires prior authorization, etc.). You can also find alternative medications and/or pharmacies that may be less costly for the patient.

What is involved? Your EHR will need to be set up to enable RTBC through one of the vendors mentioned above.

Consider implementing RTBC in your EHR to reduce frustrations and unnecessary work, faxes, and calls while reducing health care costs by prescribing the most cost-effective options to your patients!

An individual placing pills in a pill case

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