Text Neck and Your Kids’ Phones

Looking at It

Did you know looking down and dropping your head forward can change the natural curvature of your neck? Doctors have seen an increase in complaints from teens and tweens about neck problems. Constant strain on the neck when looking at smartphones and other devices may be to blame.

Three things can happen to your neck while looking down at a device1

  1. Your neck moves forward
  2. Your shoulders round forward or lift toward your ears
  3. Your neck and shoulder muscles spasm

Other health-related issues caused by text neck

Sitting and looking down in a slumped position makes it difficult for your lungs to expand. The result is less oxygen gets to your heart, making it work harder to send oxygen-carrying blood to the rest of your body.

Sit up straight

We can all hear our mother’s voice or maybe you have repeatedly told your kids to sit up straight, but it really does help lessen neck strain. Shrugging your shoulders by moving them up and back toward your ears can help too. Also, try holding your phone at eye level so you’re looking forward and not down to give your neck muscles a rest.

1, “Text Neck: IS Smartphone Use Causing Your Neck Pain?”, (accessed April 1, 2019), available at
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