5 Places You May Forget to Put Sunscreen!

Yikes! You cover your entire body with sunscreen and head out for some summer fun only to find you missed a spot- and now it’s sunburned.

Studies show the sun’s ultraviolet rays are the major cause of skin cancer. Next time, protect yourself and try not to miss these important parts of your body-


1. Scalp.

Wearing a hat is your best protection. Next best is applying sunscreen to your scalp.


2. Eyelids

The best protection is wearing sunglasses or facial moisturizer with SPF. Your eyelids absorb moisturizer better than sunscreen.


3. Ears.

They are the third most frequent spot for skin cancers according to the Skin Cancer Foundation.


4. Lips.

Wear lip balm with an SPF and reapply after you eat or drink.


5. Tops of your feet

Ouch! We’ve all been there. If you wear flip-flops, generously apply sunscreen. Reapply after dipping your feet in the pool too.


A couple sitting with sunglasses sitting on top of a hill holding a blanket to shield the sunlight

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