Credentialing process changes beginning in September

Action may be required

If a practitioner already has a CAQH profile, that’s great! Please confirm the profile status by logging into the CAQH portal. However, if a practitioner doesn’t already have a CAQH profile, we ask that they create one at CAQH.

Adding a new practitioner? We require a CAQH practitioner profile before notifying Quartz of the new practitioner. Once a CAQH practitioner profile is complete, notify Quartz via the Practitioner Notification Form.

Already credentialed with Quartz? We ask that the practitioner create a profile with CAQH if they don’t already have one. Please let us know the CAQH identification number using the Practitioner Notification Form. Enter your CAQH identification number in the “Change Request” field of the “Are you updating a practitioner?” section.

Practitioners with updated CAQH applications can be credentialed within one week. If the required documentation is incomplete or missing at the time of credentialing, the application process and credentialing approval time can be delayed.

RequirementTasks to complete
Updated practitioner information
  • Credentialing contact information
  • Name of Board if Board Certified
  • DEA & State License information (including issuance and expiration dates)
CAQH Application attestation (signature)
  • CAQH profile must be attested to (signed) within the past 120 days
Minimum of five year work history and explanation of any gaps over six months
  • Include five years of work history, or, if a provider has worked less than five years, work history should be completed from the license issuance date.
  • Add license issuance date
  • Provide a complete work history -any gaps in employment over six months require an explanation
Answer all disclosure questions on the CAQH application
  • Complete all disclosure questions on your CAQH application
  • Provide an explanation for any questions answers adversely
Current malpractice coverage that meets Quartz’s requirements
  • Current malpractice insurance coverage information or a copy of the insurance fact sheet, even if the amount of coverage is $0. If a practitioner is not required to carry malpractice insurance, they must provide evidence of such.

Quartz Credentialing Department

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact the Quartz Credentialing Department at (608) 644-3496 or [email protected].

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