Plan Accumulators Keep You Informed

What are Plan Accumulators?

After you pay this amount on deductibles, copayments, and coinsurance, the health plan pays 100% toward covered benefits for the rest of the plan year.

When do accumulators start over?

Accumulators start over each plan year, often in January. This means the money you must pay toward your out-of-pocket maximum starts again at $0. Members with employer-sponsored plans have a plan year selected by their employer. The employer can choose a calendar year that starts over on January 1. Or, they can elect a plan year based on when they renew their yearly contract.

Most members with state and local plans have accumulators that start over on January 1. Other members may have varying accumulator periods. Once your accumulator reaches your plan’s out-of-pocket maximum amount, your health care costs will change based on your plan design.

Two more reasons to have MyChart

Using MyChart, you can confirm when your accumulators start over and check how much you’ve paid toward your out-of-pocket maximum. Here’s how. Hover over the red Coverage umbrella, then choose Coverage > View coverage details, deductibles, accumulators. Then:

  • To check when your accumulators start over, look under the heading Accumulator Display for the date your benefits renew.
  • The Deductibles tab shows your deductible amount, how much you’ve used, and how much is remaining.
  • Click on the Maximum Out of Pocket (MOOP) Expenses tab to see how much you’ve paid so far this plan year.

What if I don’t have MyChart?

Members with employer-sponsored or individual plans can check the accumulator date on the SBC at You will need to enter information from your member ID card.

How to sign up for MyChart

Start the new year with MyChart to get easy access to all things Quartz. Available to members age 18+. Go to, select Sign Up Now, and follow the prompts to create your account.

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