Drug Supply Process for New Quartz Members

New Member Drug Supply

If you’re new to Quartz (a member for less than 90 days), you may be taking medicines that need a Prior Authorization for coverage.

Check Quartz’s Formularies to see if your medications need Prior Authorization. If they do, you or your pharmacist can request a “New Member Drug Supply.”

Just call Quartz Pharmacy Services at (800) 496-7509 to ask for it. If approved, Quartz will authorize coverage for these drugs for up to 90 days (in 30-day increments at the usual copayment). After those 90 days, prior authorization will be required for additional coverage. In the meantime, you should talk to the doctor who prescribed the medicine. The doctor can discuss your options.

Please note: this policy only applies to medications that a member was taking prior to joining Quartz. Standard copays based on the member’s drug benefit and formulary status of the medication apply.

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