Woman shops for medication at the pharmacy

Pharmacy updates to My Quartz Tools

Enhancements have been made to our provider portal, My Quartz Tools.  Several links have been added to make it easy for you to find:

  • The formulary status of a drug (i.e., what tier it is on)
  • Which drugs require prior authorization
  • What the prior authorization criteria are
  • Online forms to fill out and submit requests electronically- for drugs picked up at the pharmacy (pharmacy benefit) and drugs given by providers in a clinic setting (medical benefit).

There is a set of links for Quartz commercial members and a separate set of links for Quartz Medicare Advantage members. 

If you are not currently using this provider portal, we encourage you to check it out.  It contains a wealth of information and tools designed to reduce friction and to assist you in doing what you do best — providing the best care possible to our members!

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