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Checklist of Things to Do Once Your Medical Plan is in Effect

Nevertheless, it’s just as important to go through a checklist to make sure your plan is “in working order.”

  1. Review your medical plan documents to make sure you have the coverage you signed up for. You should have either gotten a packet in the mail or an email that tells you where to view your plan documents securely online. At Unity, you can view your Summary of Benefits and Coverage and more online if you signed up for MyChart. If you have questions about your plan, contact your medical insurance company right away.

  2. If you’re new to the plan, you will probably need to choose a Primary Care Physician (PCP). Most insurers provide an online service that can help. For example, Unity offers Find a Doctor, a mobile-friendly tool that allows you to sort by PCPs, location and more. Unity members who want a UW Health PCP in Dane County can use the UW Health Welcome Center to get help finding a PCP, transferring medical records and more.

  3. Check to see how your prescriptions are covered. If you switched plans, your copay may be different than it was. In addition, if you use specialty medications, you may need to use pharmacies that are in the medical plan’s network. Also, some plans offer programs where you can buy several months worth of prescriptions at one time, such as Unity’s Choice90 program. Also, make sure your pharmacy has your new plan information.

  4. Check out the Wellness Program. Some plans offer extra programs that reimburse you for working out, eating fresh produce, managing your weight and more. For example, Unity’s Fitness FirstSM and More program reimburses up to $200 per year for a range of healthy activities! This program is a perk that is provided in addition to the plan benefits.

  5. Sign up to pay your premium online. It’s easy to miss invoices that are mailed to your house and if you don’t pay your premiums on time, your insurance may be cancelled. Many plans offer a range of convenient ways to pay, including setting up reminders, automatic bank transfers and more.

It’s important to understand the benefits of your medical plan before you need to use it. Check it out – you may be pleasantly surprised to learn about benefits and perks you didn’t know you had!

To learn about the benefits of Unity’s plans, give us a call at 608.644.3430 or check out our benefits

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