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Your Medical Insurance Can Help You Fight Obesity

Good reasons for investing in quality medical insurance are many. Medical insurance plans offer more benefits than ever before. Now, thanks to recent changes in insurance coverage, your health insurance could help turn the tables on obesity once and for all.


Wisconsin’s adult obesity rate stacks up at 31.2 percent . That’s  the highest in recorded history. It’s been rising faster in recent years. For example, in 1990 the obesity rate was 11.8 percent. In 2000, it was 19.4 percent. Experts say that if obesity continues to grow at current rates, the number of diabetics will nearly double by 2030.


High obesity rates are associated with many health problems, from hypertension to diabetes. Both conditions are costly to treat and bad for a person’s overall health. It’s difficult to put a number on the actual cost of the obesity epidemic in Wisconsin. However, it is safe to say that it is burdening our health care system. What can be done?


Medical insurance programs that encourage a healthy lifestyle can help. Exercise, reduced “screen time,” higher breastfeeding rates and enjoying fresh, whole foods can help fight the obesity problem. Wisconsin’s Department of Health Services State Plan goes hand-in-hand with wellness programs offered by many medical insurance companies.

Both insurance companies and their members benefit when people maintain a healthy weight. Health care costs are reduced and overall health is improved.

If losing weight is one of your wellness goals, find out how the plans you’re looking at can help. For example, wellness rewards and weight management are just a few of the benefits of Fitness FirstSM & More program. For more information on medical insurance policies in Wisconsin that promote a healthy lifestyle, contact us at 608.644.3430, Get a Quote or learn about the wide range of wellness rewards offered to all Unity members!

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