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Senior Choice

Senior Choice is a Medicare Supplement (Medigap) plan. It helps to cover some of the extra charges not paid for by Medicare. Medicare provides medical coverage for people eligible for Part A and enrolled in Part B. However, Medicare pays only a portion of most medical bills. You’ll still have deductibles and coinsurance costs to cover.

With Senior Choice, You Can:

  • Go to any health care provider of your choice who accepts Medicare; Senior Choice does not require a provider network
  • Live outside of the state of Wisconsin for extended periods of time; the plan is available to anyone who is a resident of the state of Wisconsin on the date Senior Choice coverage is effective
  • Work with a health insurance advisor to learn about the plans and enroll

Effective Dates

Coverage with Senior Choice will begin the first of the month following the completion of an application, unless a member requests a different date (as coverage can actually begin on any day of the month).

An effective date can also be delayed and begin up to three months following the date of the application, if a member chooses.

To learn more about Senior Choice and to enroll, contact a Senior Choice health insurance advisor.

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