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2020 Annual Community Giving Report


Each year Quartz allocates a certain dollar amount to support local, community-based organizations. Missions for these organizations range from removing barriers to healthcare access to eliminating racial inequities to inspiring our youth towards optimal health. Below is a breakdown of the dollars Quartz allocated to local organizations. They are arranged by organization type.

Fast Facts About 2020 Sponsorships/Donations

$150,920 allocated for 

$1,863.21 was the 
average donation.

81 different organizations 
benefited from Quartz’s efforts.

13 communities in WI, IL, and MN received sponsorships/donations.

Pandemic Response Outreach

Just like many organizations, plans at Quartz changed in March of 2020. The novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19 began circulating in the United States. Many Quartz employees were forced to work from home; juggling work and family obligations. Quartz employees immediately recognized many of our members were dealing with the same stressors and more. Employees wanted to help.

As a result, the Quartz Cares group was formed.

Quartz Cares, made of a cross-functional group of employees, was tasked with brainstorming ways to help. The group decided the best way to help was to reach out to members and make sure they were aware of all the resources Quartz makes available to them and resources that may be available to them in their communities.

The team focused their efforts on three primary groups:

Members 90 + Up

High-Risk Populations

BadgerCare+ Members

Fast Facts About Calling Effort

Phone Calls Made

> 5,000
Individuals or households were contacted

Members over 90 were identified and contacted

Low-income members who receive governmental assistance with their premiums were contacted to ensure they had access to the support services and supplies they need

Individuals or households were Households that had members with co-morbidities that would make them the most vulnerable to COVID-19 were contacted

Members who were eligible for a program that could help them pay their health insurance premiums but were not taking advantage of the program were contacted

COVID-19 Donations

The Quartz Cares team didn’t stop there.

The Quartz Cares Match Campaign was the group’s second brainchild. Employees who donated to a preselected list of local non-profit organizations would see their donations matched by Quartz, up to $10,000. Not only did employees meet the $10,000, but they exceeded it!

Fast Facts About Quartz Cares Match Campaign

The Quartz Cares Match Campaign ran for 28 days  (April 24 – May 22).

Employees donated $11,725 in that time.

That’s 117% of the original goal.

Quartz matched employee donations dollar for dollar bringing the amount donated to $23,450  in just 28 days!

16 organizations benefited from the Quartz Cares Match Campaign.

The $23,450 donation came after Quartz  donated $50,000 to the La Crosse Community Foundation, Great Rivers United Way, and Sauk Prairie’s 6:8 COVID-19 Financial Aid Relief Fund to help in the fight against the coronavirus.

Total Quartz and employee donations were $73,450!

Social Justice Response

Three days later . . . 

On May 22 Quartz Cares ended its match campaign. Three days later George Floyd, a black man from Minneapolis, was killed while in police custody. Video of the killing surfaced sparking worldwide protests.

Once again, the Quartz Care’s Committee and Quartz employees responded. A second match program was announced. The Quartz Cares Match Campaign 2.0 sought donations for organizations working to address racial disparities, particularly those organizations working to eliminate racial disparities in the health care system.

Fast Facts About Quartz Cares Match Campaign 2.0

The Quartz Cares Match Campaign 2.0 ran 35 days.

In that time, employees donated an additional $9,475.

That’s almost 95% of the original goal. 

Quartz matched employee donations dollar for dollar bringing the amount donated to $18,950 from June 19 through July 24! In total, Quartz and its employees donated $92,400 in just 115 days. That’s more than $800 a day.

Volunteer Hours

Each year Quartz allows employees to use up to eight work hours to volunteer. Recognizing the challenges 2020 posed for many of the communities Quartz serves, the company generously increased the number of hours each employee is allowed to use each year to volunteer. Not only did the organization make the change for 2020, but it made the increase permanent.

Quartz initially made more than 6,000 volunteer hours available to employees in 2020.

Recognizing the need created by the COVID-19 global pandemic, Quartz doubled the number of volunteer hours available to employees.

Quartz now makes more than 12,000 volunteer hours available to employees.

That’s as many hours as there are in about 16 months!

In Closing … 

2020 presented many opportunities and challenges. But, Quartz and its employees managed to donate more than $190,000. 2020 also taught us one valuable lesson:

No matter the obstacle, when we pull together, we really can accomplish just about anything. 

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