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Quartz Cares Community Impact Report 2021

At Quartz, success isn’t just about the members; it’s about supporting local, community-based organizations, too.

Quartz Cares is a committee made up of employees who focus on philanthropic efforts, committing their time and talent to further our brand message of impacting the greater good within the communities we serve. Annually, the committee participates in local efforts to move beyond ethnic barriers, eliminate racial inequities, inspire active youth, and more.  This mission is simple, yet impactful, and focuses on three strategic objectives:

  1. To support social determinants of health community initiatives, leading to new membership, growth, and brand awareness.
  2. To commit to community volunteer efforts, leading to enhanced recruitment and retention.
  3. To demonstrate excellent financial stewardship, leading to a return on investment on the value of giving.

This year’s total monetary impact and commitment: $88,974

  • Sponsorships = $36,550
  • Employee Match Campaigns = $22,509
  • United Way = $29,915


Quartz Cares efforts began with COVID-19. When neighbors and communities needed each other the most, Quartz responded.

Its efforts launched with two employee match programs: one program dedicated to helping local organizations meet essential community needs and another dedicated to helping organizations address racial health disparities.

Both were a success! The momentum continued in 2021 when Quartz Cares became an established committee—and ultimately, the foundation of Quartz’s ongoing efforts to strategically impact its communities.


Each year, Quartz supports local, community-based organizations through a variety of giving strategies—including direct sponsorships from the Quartz Cares Committee and contributions from Quartz and its employees through several employee match campaigns. In 2021, community giving from Quartz and its employees totaled $88,974.

Sponsored Giving

In 2021, Quartz donated $36,550 in sponsorships to 11 organizations focused on healthy living or combating racial disparities. Two COVID-19 vaccine clinics were included in the donations, helping to administer more than 1,000 vaccinations. The average donation per organization was $3,377.73.

United Way Campaign

The United Way hosts a nationwide community campaign to raise funds each year. In 2021, Quartz proudly participated in these efforts, resulting in impactful and measurable outcomes. Overall, nearly 100 employees participated in the campaign. Employee contributions were approximately $30,000.

Employee Match Campaigns

Quartz furthered its community impact with several employee match campaigns. Raising $22,509, Quartz and its employees donated to seven organizations working to promote healthy living and improve health care equity.

This map illustrates the geographic locations of the various organizations supported by Quartz, across all types of giving

Community Partnerships & Work


Quartz embraces the beauty of volunteering and its undeniable impact.

Quartz is proud to offer its employees paid volunteer time during regular work hours, and in 2020, the organization doubled the number of volunteer hours available to employees. In 2021, 298 employees used their volunteer time, donating 2,236 hours back to the community. This equals approximately 280 days.

COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic

Quartz hosted a COVID-19 vaccine clinic for BadgerCare members at its headquarters in Sauk City. And in partnership with UW Health and the Latino Health Council, the clinic expanded to include all community members—opening no-cost vaccination opportunities to many.

Health Insurance 101

Understanding health insurance is not easy. The Quartz Diversity and Inclusion Change Team developed a simple and educational community presentation to help members make informed decisions about their health insurance.

Although initially geared toward Latinx/Hispanic, Hmong, and other Communities of Color, Quartz expanded the experience to additional community members via prerecorded training posted on Quartz’s website and Centro Hispano’s social media channels.

Lift Leopold Event

The “Lift Leopold” event—a no-cost COVID-19 vaccination event for all community members—was formed in collaboration with multiple health plans, the Madison Metropolitan School District, Madison Schools & Community Recreation, the City of Madison, and the City of Fitchburg.

Held at the Leopold Community Neighborhood Park, this event took place five evenings in August and aimed to eliminate vaccination hesitancy among African Americans.

Quartz marketed the clinics, donated books and food, and sponsored a food truck and ice cream night.

Monthly Radio Segment Nuestra Salud (Our Health) on La Movida

Quartz launched the Nuestra Salud (Our Health) radio program in collaboration with UW Health and the Latino Health Council.

The first Monday of every month from 9 – 11 a.m. CST on La Movida Radio Station, this program educated listeners on health topics important to the Hispanic/Latinx communities.

Health care professionals offer helpful information, including health issues or concerns and resources and support systems available in our community.

A Continual Commitment to Communities

Quartz values the health and welfare of its members and its surrounding communities. While 2021 presented its share of opportunities and challenges, Quartz continued to make an impact. With $88,974 donated to community partners, Quartz and its employees remain committed to their communities and service areas.

Check out the “In Our Communities” page for more information about how Quartz is active in its local communities. And follow Quartz on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn to stay up-to-date on the organization’s efforts.

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