Quartz Partners with Virta Health

Quartz today announced a partnership with Virta Health to offer an innovative solution for type 2 diabetes and obesity for Quartz members. This partnership is the newest advancement in Quartz’s care model, used to help members improve their health, according to their personalized goals, at all stages of life.

Diabetes is one of the largest health concerns across the United States and for Quartz’s membership. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), 35 million, or about 11% of American adults have diabetes, and 88 million have prediabetes. These rates are expected to double by 2030. The American Diabetes Association (ADA) estimates that diagnosed diabetes costs $5.5 billion in Wisconsin each year.

Virta offers an approach to help defeat this epidemic. Combining innovations in telehealth with personalized nutrition, Virta helps patients dramatically improve or even reverse their metabolic disease. In peer-reviewed clinical outcomes of Virta patients, at one year, 63% of all prescriptions are eliminated and patients see a sustained 12% weight loss. 94% of clinical trial patients using insulin decreased or eliminated their dosage at one year. Further, Virta’s research is even cited in the ADA Standards of Medical Care for Diabetes.

“Quartz is excited to be collaborating with Virta on an evidence-based and innovative solution to help our members achieve a life well-lived by leaving obesity and diabetes behind,” said Dr. Mark Selna, president and CEO, Quartz. “This partnership is one of many steps that Quartz is taking to empower our members to take control of their health at all stages of wellness.”

Through the Virta app, patients interact—often multiple times per day—with a dedicated team of health coaches and clinicians that offer personalized nutrition recommendations, monitor biomarkers, and de-prescribe medications as needed. Patients also have access to an online community and self-serve learning modules for added support.

“Nearly half of Wisconsin residents live with diabetes or prediabetes, and over 40% have obesity,” said Kevin Kumler, President at Virta Health. “Partnering with Quartz provides an opportunity to not only help their members get healthier and reduce costs, but to reverse the unsustainable trajectory of metabolic disease in Wisconsin overall.”

The Virta program launched this week for members and eligible dependents between the ages of 18 and 79 with obesity and/or type 2 diabetes who are enrolled in an eligible health plan through Quartz. The treatment is available at no additional cost for eligible Quartz members.

Visit to learn more about the treatment, eligibility requirements, and to enroll in Virta. 

About Quartz

Quartz Health Solutions, Inc. (Quartz) is jointly owned by Advocate Aurora Health, Gundersen Health System, UnityPoint Health, and UW Health. The company manages four provider-owned health insurance plans: Quartz Health Benefit Plans Corporation, Quartz Health Plan Corporation, Quartz Health Plan MN Corporation, and Quartz Health Insurance Corporation. As a third-party administrator, Quartz also services self-funded health plans. Through an extensive provider network, Quartz focuses on local, community-based health care and services for nearly 370,000 customers who live in Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, and Minnesota. Quartz Health Solutions, Inc., Quartz Health Benefit Plans Corporation, Quartz Health Plan Corporation, Quartz Health Plan MN Corporation, and Quartz Health Insurance Corporation are separate legal entities. For more information, visit

About Virta

Virta Health helps people reverse type 2 diabetes and other chronic conditions. Current approaches manage disease progression through increased medication use and infrequent doctor visits. Virta reverses type 2 diabetes through innovations in technology, nutrition science, and continuous remote care from physicians and behavioral experts. In clinical studies, 94% of patients reduce or eliminate insulin use, and weight-loss exceeds FDA benchmarks by nearly 150%. Virta works with the largest health plans, employers, and government organizations and puts 100% of its fees at risk based on clinical and financial outcomes. To learn more about how Virta is transforming lives by reversing type 2 diabetes and other chronic diseases, visit or follow us on Twitter @virtahealth.

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